When covid-19 arrived in Canada in March 2020 performers and entertainers alike were hit with a huge challenge. At first all events over 250 guests were canceled, and then stricter rules were soon implemented. This affected most of my clientele as I predominantly perform at large corporate events and social gatherings to make a living.

I have always kept a positive mindset and never backed down from a challenge or let obstacles get in the way of achieving my goals. As most of my shows had been postponed or canceled due to the pandemic I decided to spend my time working on my online presence and growing my social media. For a few weeks I created Quarantine Magic Videos with the hopes of spreading some joy and taking everyone’s minds off the negative media that was going around. I posted on all platforms growing my YouTube following with some videos getting over 46 thousand views in the first two weeks.

With my love of filming and sharing magic online, my following continued to grow. I decided the next step was to create a virtual magic show that I could share with anyone in the world from any location. After a ton of research and planning it was time to execute. I converted my home office into a performing studio where I can put on a production like no other for any number of guests any where in the world. I did not want a basic performance of someone simply doing magic in front of their laptop. So I upgraded everything, I use a Cannon DSLR camera for picture perfect HD quality, upgraded spot lights so that my performance space is well lit. I use my Shure headset microphone so that the audio is crystal clear. I designed a backdrop with banners and colourful up lights that can change to any colour to set the mood for the performance. I researched the best video conferencing software and how to use it to my advantage. I had to design a whole new show that worked great online for live streaming, that was visual and engaged the audience whilst interacting and keeping them entertaining throughout. With multiple camera angles, scene changes, music and intro video I was very proud and excited to launch this to the world.

I now offer a Virtual Magic Show where I perform live over Zoom, Webex or Microsoft teams in the comfort of your own home or office. This has been a great way to start a meeting or bring the employees together for some fun at the end of a work week. We could all use a bit of magic in our lives right now, and what better way to take your mind off things than a comedy magic show. The show itself is very interactive, I engage the audience, perform visual magic and even read your mind all whilst making you laugh. I make it super easy and can either join an existing meeting or host the show entirely and send the meeting link a few days before the event. Reviews for my virtual shows have been flying in and I am very grateful.



“Virtual show via Zoom was amazing!” – Johan Vosloo CEO of Headspace Technologies


“Matt performed for our Zoom Saloon last Friday and it was amazing! I highly recommend his show as a special treat for your team!”  –  Jeff Tetz CEO at Results, Canada


“Saw Matt’s show virtually and wanted to say he did an amazing job! He’s so hilarious and engaging! Really hoping to get a chance to see him live in person one day! Keep up the awesome work!” – Brijesh Modha, Science Analyst, Alberta Utilities Commission


Matt did 3 performances for our school via Zoom. He was amazing! The students were very engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the shows. Extra kudos go to Matt for being able to offer such a quality show virtually in these crazy times. Thanks Matt! – Janet Carter, Osler school

This has been a great project for me to use my skillset online and keep connected with audiences. My goal is to entertain, and this has allowed me to keep doing what I love. Thanks to those clients that have already booked me, and I look forward to entertaining many more.


I also used this time to create new magic, update my shows and revamp my website all whilst enjoying quality time with my family. Rest assured when this is all over I will be back better than ever ready to spread some joy and wonder!


If you’re interested in a virtual magic show, don’t hesitate to get in touch and book!

Matt Gore performing a virtual magic show

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