Entertainment choice for any event is a key decision. The corporate entertainer you select has the power to make or break your event. Without the proper experience and expertise, your entertainment choice can ruin a party quicker than it started and leave the audience bored and dissatisfied which will reflect poorly on the whole event. On the other hand, the right corporate entertainer can lift the energy in the room and have your guests talking about your event for years to come. Perhaps you have attended an event with bad entertainment. What was that like? Did you enjoy your evening? Sure, maybe the food was decent. But what about that 60 minutes you had to suffer through watching a BAD, cringe-worthy entertainer? Did you leave the event saying “I had a great time!” or did you leave thinking you just wasted 4 hours of your life? “What were they thinking hiring that guy?” Below is my list of the top 5 mistakes made when hiring corporate entertainment.

Mistake #1: Hiring the cheapest performer you can find

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is so applicable to the entertainment industry. Do not expect a world class performance from a cheap performance fee, if the price sounds too good to be true it probably is. There is a reason certain corporate entertainers charge less and others are worth more. Generally, the more expensive the entertainer the more expertise, experience and accolades he or she has behind their name. Additionally, they are usually more well known to the public and can ‘pull’ a crowd, meaning more people will want to attend your event (increase ticket sales).

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Mistake #2: Not doing your research

You really want to make sure the corporate entertainer is who they say they are. Don’t be afraid to ask him or her WHY you should book them. Do they have a website? Does it look professional? Are there any legitimate awards behind their name? (Be cautious with this one, there seems to be a lot of performers advertising award winning and that don’t actually hold any merit). Is there any video footage of them performing? Do they have online reputable reviews (not just quotes on their website)? Read some of them to get a feel for the performer – see what other clients are saying. If you want a stage magician, a review about them doing close-up magic will not suffice. The performer may be amazing at close-up walk around magic but not have the skill set or ability to deliver to a large audience on stage and vice versa. This is a key fundamental decision to your event so do your research and get the right corporate entertainer for the job. Check their social media presence, look at some events they have recently performed at. Do they look similar to the one you are hosting? Don’t be afraid to call them up and ask further questions if necessary. You should feel comfortable and excited to see your chosen entertainer perform at your event.

Mistake #3: Poor or no Promotional Material

Does the corporate entertainer have great promotional material available? Do they have a up to date Promo or Teaser Video? This can be great tool to give you an idea of the performance. Also look for live photo footage. Does it look similar to the event you are hosting? Any performer can get a photoshoot done and put together a half decent website but lacks all the experience needed to fulfill his or her duties at your event. Great promotional material can also be used in advertising for your upcoming event.

Mistake #4: The wrong performer for the event type and audience size

I always ask my client “What is the purpose for the event?” This is a monumental question in gaining an understanding of what the role of the entertainment will be and for whom I will be performing. If your prospective corporate entertainer does not ask you this question, I would really question the level of professionalism and expertise he or she has. These decisions guide me to recommend the best entertainment option to suit their needs and make their event as exceptional as it can be. For example, walk around close-up magic allows for the flow of the event to go on uninterrupted and is a perfect ice breaker for networking type events where people are chatting in SMALL groups. On the other hand, for a large event with more than 150 guests a close-up magician will struggle to get around to everyone and may need a few hours to do so. (Even then not everyone may see them perform) Therefore a good alternative would be a stage performer who can entertain everyone all at once. The stage show is great for events such as Awards Gala’s, Fundraisers and Christmas Parties. I often offer my clients a combination of both that way you get the formal show – the WOW factor and the personalized meet and greet after for some further jaw dropping interaction. Best of both worlds! Unfortunately, there are many magicians who simply cannot offer both styles of magic at a professional level (but still try and sell you on it). A quick side note: for a Family event you will want clean entertainment so make sure to address that with your chosen performer to ensure there is no vulgarity in their show and it is age appropriate. I pride myself on being a clean comedy magic act applicable to all ages.

Mistake #5: Hiring a semi-professional or amateur

Is this the entertainer’s full-time job or do they only do shows on the side? A full time professional will be able to put the hours into perfecting their craft and this is exemplified through the entire booking process, from beginning to end. You will have their utmost attention and professionalism because they don’t have other commitments, or deadlines for their boss at their Monday-Friday job. YOU are the priority. A full-time pro will also have an up to date website, current photos (not photos from 10 years ago) and all the necessary liability insurance. Professionals should be very easy to work with as they do this for a living, day in day out. The entire process of hiring an corporate entertainer should be uncomplicated, unproblematic and seamless from start to finish!

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Quality Entertainment will add to your event tremendously and will be a key talking point. Take your time in selecting the right performer for the job. Ask the right questions, do your research and trust your gut. Your guests deserve the best, and I guarantee the best will be a full time professional with experience, professionalism, and unmatchable talent!
I hope your next event is a roaring success and that your entertainment choice leaves you with an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons. Get in touch if you have any further questions and if I can assist in any way.

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